As of January 2024, we have shut down COURAJ as a business. However, one thing that we did not shut down is the spirit of what COURAJ represents: Being courageous and living courageous. That will never die. 

We've been all over the U.S. selling shirts and spreading the message of living with courage. These times will never be forgotten. The great people we met along the way holds a special place in our heart and we cannot be more thankful for all of you who supported us. 

Life has chapters and seasons. The next chapter for us is our new project: Attack Energy. We plan to create the best energy drink brand ever brought to market, while motivating those who come into contact with the brand to Attack the day, Attack life, Attack living their greatest life possible, and Attack becoming the greatest versions of ourselves. 

If you believe in that, we invite you to visit us at Attack Energy and joining us on our new journey.

Thank you for everything, the memories, the love, everything... Thank you. See you at Attack. Let's Attack life... 

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